In November of 2012, two volunteers took a 6 day trip to Saltadere in order to check on the both the irrigation system and the clean water system. For the irrigation system, they investigated the water lines and made multiple repairs and tests. The Clean Water Committee was hired to help move the concrete cover that housed the pipeline back into its original position, as it had been moved by strong flows of river water.

In regards to the clean water system, the volunteers took note of the parts that needed to be ordered to replaced those that they could not fix. Coincidentally during their trip the water clean water line failed near la Source, and they promptly supplied money for the Clean Water Committee to fix the line and restore water to the entire Saltadere region.

Finally, they looked into the situation at the clinic and how to provide water to that building as well. The pharmacy was restocked and a number of patients were seen. Before leaving they received the reports on the annual and monthly costs associated with the school and other buildings.

View the full report: Trip Report Summary -Bob Fromm

Narative Report by Dr. Hoffmann


November Trip to Saltadere


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