Entering the Central Department, Saltadere is a few miles ahead.

Trip to Haiti Jan. 2013

A page discussing the most recent trip to Saltadere, Haiti.

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Five individuals made a trip to Saltadere Haiti in order to provide dental care for the citizens of the region. The trip was five days long from Jan. 22 to Jan. 27. Those who went were Dr. Jack Kayton DDS, Joan McDonald, Jaff Sanborn, Kathy Smith, and Janet Stack.

During the trip, there was also a meeting of the Water Committee to answer the questions provided by UVA students who are assisting with the Water Project and the Hatian photographers took around 250 photos of individual students to add to our data base.

More pictures and a video at: saltadere.weebly.com

Saltadere Background
St. Michel School-Home for Children
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